7Female Powers

Grow your Life,
Grow your Business,
as a Woman,
with the
7 archetypical Powers


The premium online-coaching program with live coaching calls
for businesswomen who want to shift their live and business
to a whole new level.
Start of the 1st English group: planned for September 2023.

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7FemalePowers. A 7-week Journey for your holistic growth as a business woman


Learn to activate one of the 7FemalePowers each week: Serenity, Creativity, Drive, Empathy, Clear Communication, Intuition, Inspiration to reach your goals and fulfill your dreams in business and life. 

A journey through 7 feminine archetypes for your instant mindset change & 7 body energies (yoga chakras) to unleash your physical energy.
Based on neuroscience, mind-body-coaching, storytelling, guided meditations and business-reflexion.

With a time investment of only 2x7 minutes a day and 1x45 minutes a week at your individual convenience. With the support of Ursula Wagner, coach team and an extraordinary group of likeminded women.

This is what our participants say about 7FemalePowers:


Brigitte Liermann, Strategy Director

"The course makes rethinking easy - exactly what I was looking for. Working with the archetypes helped me with questions like: How can I reposition myself / differently as a senior advisor, where is my space that I would like to occupy."

Jutta Geringhoff, top manager in the healthcare industry

"It was incredibly inspiring!
Ursula's guidance was professional, balanced and at the highest level!
In addition, wonderful women come together in the course, who have a lot to tell and can set impulses.
Resume. 7FemalePowers, simply great!"

Catherine Lejtenyi, international consultant, also benefits sustainably from the course

"Dear Ursula, I am thrilled. I am grappling with thoughts about career and the 7 Powers suddenly came to mind. Thanks again for the great impulses. The course is worth every penny."

Hi, I'm Ursula Wagner, 

and probably just like you, I live a life of commitment, with different roles and responsibilities to juggle. For me, it's my work as the owner of Coaching Center Berlin, one of the leading institutes for coaching and coaching training in the German-speaking world. I work as a C-level and entrepreneur coach and I am an expert in health prevention coaching. A multiple author (e.g. of the longseller The Art of Being Alone), I have developed coaching methods (Integral Coaching, KAIROS Career Method). I am involved in international voluntary work, and I am also a wife, an add-on mum, a sister, a friend, a yoga practitioner, a seeker of silence in monastery retreats, a soprano choir singer, a soccer fan since 2nd grade. #femaleempowerment has been an important cause for me for many years. That's why I started the WOATT! Women-at-the-top initiative and the 7FemalePowers online-course. Want to know more about my path? Scroll on to My Story.



Aren´t we always so shiny and looking so good on our social media profiles? In my own life and with my clients I have learned to look under the surface. As for myself, the youngest of four siblings, born in 1964, I was this girl on her way to "success" in journalism, always a straight A-Student. When at age 21 I took a break from my university studies to enroll in a dance-teacher program - a hobby since age 15. As a consequence I spent the next 3 years (and on) with a lot of sweat and tears, the disciplined life of a ballerina. Only to find myself at age 24 in a smelly gym teaching jazz dance for beginners. For me, the end of my life as I had envisioned it. What now?

My Story II

I found out the hard way what the band Coldplay would phrase two decades later as "when you get what you want, but not what you need". My way of meaning making and expressing myself goes so much through spoken word and writing. As a teacher of dance I found myself reduced to giving my students directions on a count of 8 🙄. But when dancing as a profession broke my heart (not to mention the neck pain and the hip resurfacing needed 20 years later), dance & yoga really healed my soul. It made this headstrong, straight A-Student whole. It gave me "powers of a woman's body" (a Kate Bush quote, if you're not familiar). Hence, yoga, pilates, wholistic bodywork and moving outdoors stayed in my life ever since. "There will be no change, unless through the body" is a quote of a man unsuspicious of esoteric flaws, Prof. Gerhard Roth, biologist and neuroscientist.  And for me inner work is so much more than navel-gazing. Scroll happily on, my friend...



So starting out as an early talent in journalism, I re-started as a late bloomer in what fulfills me ever since: my path as a psychologist, author, coach, trainer of coaches. Now helping my clients to figure it out: "How do we live a life of meaning and contribution?" And as for the cause of women, I find so much truth in the quote from dance icon Ginger Rogers (Fred Astaire´s partner on stage): “Women do everything exactly like men do, only backwards and on high heels”. We need to figure the dance out, especially in business. But competition between male and female energies is no solution, I find.
Both men and women will need wholistic practices that combine mind-body-& soul for a better you, better business, better planet. Inner growth is our only option on a planetary level, I believe, and for that sake I am also an advocate of the global initiative, Inner Development Goals, SDG. With 7FemalePowers I hope to make a holistic contribution to that cause for women in business. And as always, I like to add a good doses of joie-de-vivre🎉!

Barbara, 50+ serial entrepreneur in media and coaching businesses

"Thank you Ursula for your inspiring Newsletter!"

Catherine Lejtenyi, 45+ internationally operating business woman and coach

"Love this! ❤️❤️❤️🙏"
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Julia Henning, 39 consultant

"Dear Ursula, 
thank you very much for your valuable impulses which I can really use already at age 39 ;-)"
(FYI: as WOATT! was originally aimed at the 40+ business woman)